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Dust Free Tile Removal in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas

Flooring Removal that is 99.99% Dust Free

Dust Free Tile Removal with DustRam® provides and guarantees a truly dust free solution to flooring removal that is indeed cleaner, safer, faster, and more affordable than traditional or virtually dust free methods. Traditional and virtually dust free methods are outdated and still expose you to the dust. Dust Free Tile Removal by a DustRam® certified contractor is the only way to get a truly dust free result. By reducing the dust and airborne particulates from the moment the floor is removed, your home or business remains cleaner and safe for your family and visitors. Faster results, better appearance, and affordable services make American Flooring Removal your best choice!

What is Dust Free Tile Removal? 

At American Flooring Removal, we specialize in dust-free tile removal with DustRam® in the Dallas Fort Worth Area. Our revolutionary system utilizes a state-of-the-art solution for floor tile removal, hardwood floor removal, underlayment, and all other types of flooring material currently on the market. Our dust-free tile removal process is exceptionally fast and efficient to ensure your project is completed on time, with minimal hassle.

Concerns about the residual dust and debris from traditional floor tile removal and hardwood floor removal processes have become a significant and continually increasing concern in recent decades. Now there is a solution. Dust Free speeds up the floor removal process (getting the project done faster than traditional methods), and it is safer for clients with health and environmental concerns like respiratory illness or vulnerable overall health. Families with infants, young children, elderly relatives, or pets living in their homes can rest easy knowing their loved ones are protected from the harmful dust and debris produced by traditional floor removal. Businesses like hospitals and other medical facilities, restaurants, office buildings, schools, and libraries also can be assured that their clients and customers are not breathing in harmful particles after a necessary floor replacement.

We are equipped to handle your flooring replacement needs and situations, including:

What makes Dust Free by DustRam® Tile Removal Better?

If any of your family members or visitors have breathing problems or other health issues that cause them to be sensitive to dust and other airborne particulates, then you know the importance of keeping the air in your home or place of business free of such hazards. Traditional tile and flooring removal systems dislodge dust and particulates and do not provide enough protection to reduce the drift of these hazards throughout the rest of the building. Who wants to deal with that?

DustRam® dust Free flooring removal equipment is better, from the ground up. With a specialized suction system that removes dust and particulates from the moment they are created, the hazards and discomfort previously associated with floor removal and replacement is eliminated. Whether you need a clean solution for health reasons or aesthetic reasons, Dust Free Tile and Flooring Removal services from American Flooring Removal are better, more affordable, and faster than any other option available!

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Dust Free Tile Removal

Elimination of time spent and materials consumed

in attempting to construct ineffective barriers to mitigate the invasive dust created with traditional floor tile removal tools and methods used.

Eliminates health concerns

of your potential clients and employees who may suffer from respiratory conditions like Asthma, Allergies, Emphysema, or COPD, pet owners, parents of babies or young children or those caring for elder generations.

Significantly increases time available

for installation of new flooring and the ability to generate profit from removal of the old flooring.

Achieves measurably flatter, cleaner surfaces

that reduce time required for floor preparation and the amount of adhesives needed for installation.

Creates new market opportunities

to perform services in hospitals, medical facilities, restaurants, schools, corporate offices, libraries, high tech manufacturing environments, etc.

A 3 to 5 times reduction

in the man hours spent removing tile and various other materials.

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