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#1 Dust Free Tile Removal Service in Plano

Dust Free Tile Removal Service in PlanoDo you know the truth behind traditional dust free tile removal? It was not long ago that removing old, damaged flooring was quite messy. Your home was often closed off during work, resulting in poor indoor air quality concerns and respiratory concerns for families and employees. It was a hassle. At American Flooring Removal, we grew tired of the mess, so we designed a dust-free tile removal service in Plano that is better suited to a modern household. Our experienced flooring technicians will remove your old flooring, opening your home to new possibilities.

Floor Removal in Plano

When the time comes for renovations or floor replacement in Plano, you need the very best. Anyone can come in with a hammer and tear our old tile flooring, but not everyone can complete the job with minimal mess or interference to your daily life. At American Flooring Removal, our team consists of licensed flooring experts who understand that quality flooring makes a difference.

Did you know that quality flooring can increase the value of your home? It’s true. Dust, however, only causes a mess. Here at American Flooring Removal, we remove dust from the equation. The result is a clean, efficient flooring removal process that provides you with new opportunities.

Why Choose Us

There are a number of reasons why choosing American Flooring Removal makes sense. For one, we offer affordable flooring removal services. Another profound reason to choose us over the competition is our attention to detail. You don’t provide dust-free tile removal without meeting exceptional standards of quality.

About Plano

Plano, a historic city in north Texas, is known for its various museums that are a testament to the 19th-century. Here, you can view old railroad cars, school rooms, farm tools, and more. All of this while we remove your old flooring!

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