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What do we offer?Remove old natural stone flooring with American Flooring

American Flooring Removal provides dust-free flooring removal services to both residences and businesses. While traditional flooring removal processes have long been considered as expensive, hazardous, and time-consuming, our dust-free system is affordable, environmentally friendly, and fast. With our specialized equipment and process, we are able to provide you with a great experience you can’t find anywhere else in our area.

What areas do we cover?

American Flooring Removal offers fast and affordable dust-free flooring removal services to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and surrounding areas. We specialize in this budget-approved, efficient, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional flooring removal.

Some of the locations and areas we cover include:

To date, these areas have been under-served when it comes to affordable, clean solutions for flooring removal. Businesses like hospitals, schools, office buildings, and residential homes can all benefit from our dust-free flooring removal system. Our equipment and system can complete flooring removal projects in less time than traditional floor removal methods.

Our dust free equipment allows us to work on a variety of flooring removal projects including:

We at American Flooring Removal aim to provide affordable, efficient, environmentally friendly, fast, dust-free flooring removal to the greater Dallas and Fort Worth area. With options and solutions for homeowners, business owners, schools, and hospitals, American Flooring Removal is your one stop shop for tile and hardwood flooring removal and more.

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