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Ride-On Floor Scraper Removal

At American Flooring Removal we know how to remove floors quickly and efficiently. While we specialize in dustless removal we also offer removal services with our Ride-On Floor Scraper. This service is ideal for clients that don’t need a dust free solution and want to save money on their removal project. Its also the perfect solution for large removal projects at malls, grocery stores and other large areas. With our floor scraper machine we can remove all types of flooring including Ceramic, Carpet, VCT, hardwood and other coatings removal. This system is faster than conventional methods that require tons of man power and time.  We guarantee our work and will leave your floor clean of all flooring debris and ready for a new flooring material. You will be happy with the results you see with our equipment. We can remove as much as 10,000 square feet per day with our Infinity Floor Scraper.

Battery Powered Scraper Means No Fumes

Ride-On Floor Scraper

Ride-On Floor Scraper removal maybe perfect for your upcoming flooring removal project. Not only does it remove the floor but it also makes quick work of the thin set or glue that is often left behind from conventional removal methods. It is ideal deal choice for businesses like schools, hospitals, medical facilities, commercial business office buildings, and homes where the material being removed is down and wont come up by other methods of removal. Our equipment is also battery powered so it doesn’t release emissions into your home or business. This keeps your facility free from carbon monoxide that can build up when using a propane powered scraper. We are happy to give you a free quote on what it would cost to remove your flooring.If you would like to know what our customers think of our work we recommend you check out our reviews on yelp and google reviews. We strive to keep every customer happy and stand behind our work. While this method isn’t dustless we take great care to make sure your environment is left clean by using methods to reduce dust from going airborne.

If you need help deciding which removal method is best we recommend you call and speak to one of our specialists about the various options available.

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