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8 Things to Consider Before Buying New FlooringOwning a house is the American dream, but chances are you have room for improvement throughout the entire household, and plenty of ideas you would like to accomplish. For instance, perhaps the flooring in the dining room could be updated? Whatever the case, choosing new flooring is an adventure. Here are a few things to consider when buying new flooring!

  1. Location – Where is the room located and how will it be used? A ground-level room is susceptible to moisture, so you’ll want to consider that. Furthermore, if the area is an entry way or a child’s playroom, that factors into the decision, too.
  2. Climate – What type of climate do you live in? Wood is known to buckle and warp in overly humid environments, which makes tile a nice alternative.
  3. Redecorate – Do you plan to redecorate? If not, you need to match your new flooring with the walls, furniture, and accents already in place.
  4. Maintenance – How much floor maintenance are you willing to complete? If the answer is minimal, then perhaps consider a floor with low maintenance requirements – or none whatsoever!
  5. Allergies – Does anyone in your home have allergies? If so, you may wish to skip rugs or carpeting and opt for hard-surface flooring, which does not collect dust mites or allergens as easily.
  6. Heated – Do you intend to install heated flooring? If you are looking to invest in subfloor heating, not all flooring options are compatible. Plan accordingly.
  7. Lifestyle – Do you live an active lifestyle or quiet one? If you have children or pets, you’ll want a more durable flooring material. If you prefer calm and quiet, then a whole slew of options open up to you.
  8. Budget – What is your budget? Perhaps the most crucial part of purchasing new flooring, your budget will determine what type of flooring you can afford and where you can install it.

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