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Tap in to the future of flooring removal!

For many homeowners, flooring removal is a situation that crops up about once every decade. But if you hang around the park, block parties, or water fountains long enough, eventually, you’ll hear a horror story or two about a flooring removal job gone horribly wrong.


Dust everywhere.

  • In the ventilation system.
  • In computers and electronics.
  • In the furniture.
  • In the kids’ noses.

The list goes on.

And on.

Well, now you have the option of choosing a healthier, more efficient, affordable option for your next flooring removal job. Dust free tile flooring removal reduces the particulate nightmare of those days of yore, and more and more homeowners are realizing that the increased benefits of choosing a company with advanced equipment and expertise in providing a safe flooring removal job is more than worth it.

Here’s why dust free tile flooring removal is by far the best option for your family.

How it works

Dust free tile flooring removal utilizes a special, industrial-grade vacuum system with nozzles and heads attached to the tile removal equipment. These vacuums are around 8 times more powerful than the average “shop” vacuum. Grinders and jackhammers are fitted with attachments that suction dust and particles as they are created in the removal process, and these closed systems contain the mess that otherwise would inundate your entire home.

What this means for your family

You don’t have to evacuate your home when the workmen show up! There is no need for special masks or other breathing apparatuses, because there is no dust in the air to worry about! If you have children, pets, or elderly family members in your home, dust free tile flooring removal keeps them safe and reduces your stress levels while your project rolls on.

What this means for your wallet

Traditional flooring removal systems put out so much dust that has to be cleaned up before anything else can be done with your flooring project. Carpet cleaning, HVAC duct cleaning, window treatments that need to be dry-cleaned, electronics that have been infested with dust and particulates….

None of that happens with a dust free tile flooring removal system!

Not only is this choice cleaner, it is more efficient. The enhanced process produces a cleaner, flatter sub-floor in less time, and this means you can get on with the next steps in your flooring project sooner.

Sound like something your family needs?

American Flooring Removal is an industry leader in dust free tile flooring removal. We also work on hardwood, concrete, and many other forms of flooring removal. Our state of the art system is one of the best on the market, and our experienced, professional staff know how to get the job done right, the first time. For a cleaner, faster, affordable flooring removal experience, give us a call today. You can also check out our website and fill out our online contact form, and a member of our helpful customer service team will reach out to you soon!

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