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The Dangers of Tile DustMore and more homeowners are learning of the dangers of tile dust. When removing an old tile floor, the process is often messy. Unfortunately, despite tile being a great type of floor for kitchens and bathrooms, it is also potentially harmful to your health. To avoid any respiratory concerns, we recommend a dust-free tile removal process for the best results. Here’s why!

Bacteria and Fungi

You might think your home is spotless. Well, unfortunately, that’s usually not the case. Even an extremely clean home has some bacteria and fungi growing in hidden spots, such as underneath the tile flooring. On average, there are around 7,000 types of bacteria and 2,000 types of fungi found in dust within the home. During the tile removal process, these bacteria and fungi are released into the air.


Dust is actually a collection of waste that has gathered together. In most cases, it is chemicals, bacteria, fungi, skin particles, hair, and other materials. The chemicals are perhaps the biggest danger here. Certain types of chemicals found in tile dust are known to cause health issues, such as respiratory illness and skin rashes.

Asthma Triggers

There are allergies triggered by normal dust that cause nose, throat, and eye irritation. When enduring long-term exposure to tile dust, these symptoms worsen significantly. These worsened symptoms become known as ‘occupational asthma’ and are commonly caused by crystalline silica tile dust inhalation. ‘Occupational asthma’ affects around 15% of construction workers and DIY homeowners.

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